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On- & Offshore Incubator And Living Lab


We simply love local seafood, and we want to make sure that the next generation too will be able to enjoy this delicious and healthy source of protein.

The traditional fishing industry, however, has been under pressure for years, due to shifting fish stocks, climate change, the rush to offshore wind energy, the ever-tightening regulation landscape, changing consumption patterns, etc.

That is why we have launched Marifish.Inc vzw, an all-in-one incubator, accelerator, and innovation community. Through Marifish.Inc, we help future-proof the Belgian fishing industry and ease the transition to sustainability, new technologies and a more diverse range of seafood.


Collaboration and cocreation are key. We bring together stakeholders in the local seafood value chain and join forces with (inter)national research centers & scientific institutes, public authorities, and the business world.

Together we build a thriving innovation ecosystem for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture

Together we highlight the assets of the strong Ostend fishing industry & community both at home and abroad

Together and we support innovative start-ups and scale-ups via a unique combination of housing, coaching and a vibrant community


In this way, young and driven entrepreneurs can launch and grow their business at Marifish.Inc in the best possible way: they not only get access to state-of-the-art facilities, but they also get their own business coach and can rely on a powerful network of peers, academics, corporates, and government.

While at the same time, mature companies and seasoned entrepreneurs gain new energy, fresh perspectives and innovative insights.


Marifish.Inc aims at innovative concepts and start-ups in

  • aquaculture and mariculture: extraction of valuable components from raw materials and/or side-streams, onshore algae farms, onshore processing of mariculture production, modelling and anchor techniques, data processing & monitoring, etc.
  • transforming traditional fisheries: innovative fishing technology, new business models, data mining, automation and digital transformation, etc.

Marifish.Inc matches these young and driven entrepreneurs with equally driven corporates and other stakeholders, thus building an innovative ecosystem in fisheries and aquaculture and making sure that the next generation too will be able to enjoy the delicious taste of local seafood!


We are based @ the Ostend Fishery port, a dynamic hub for fishery, mariculture and aquaculture. Marifish.Inc combines an incubator and living lab for innovative start-ups and scale-ups and can rely on brand new processing units and a unique access to sufficient volumes of good-quality seawater.


Sylvie Becaus

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+32 473 85 96 87

Evy De Bruyker

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+32 486 45 29 82

Charlotte Dekimpe

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+32 477 13 08 17


Marifish.Inc was founded by the European Food Centre (home to the Flemish Fish Auction), Voka – Chamber of Commerce West Flanders, and the West Flanders Development Agency (POM West Flanders), thus combining both technical and business expertise, and bringing together complementary networks and facilities.